SAPgenix offers Sustainable materials, components &

solutions to the Hygiene Industry


SAPgenix provides sustainable SAP material in various forms to create better & innovative core absorbent components to Hygiene products such as baby care adult care and

feminine care.

SAPgenix products are provided as

granulated powder or printed on various substrates such as PP, PLA, Bamboo, Cotton etc., using SAPgenix proprietary SAP On Nonwoven (SoNTM) technology.

SAPgenix products offers a better

compliance to the European Waste

Management Hierarchy, helps our customers to meet growing consumer trends for friendly products as well as to avoid current

& future regulatory risk.

Plantov offers a bio-degradable SAP material for plant protection , Waterefficiency & Farm-to-Fork sustainability.


eSAP's main uses in agriculture are absorption & retention of rainfall in arid & semi-arid regions

and controlled and efficient release alongside with other nutrients and plant protection materials.

 eSAP promote resources efficiency and used as a de-desertification tool.

eSAP also promote sustainability in various elements of the food chain (AKA as Farm-to-Fork)

such as in peat replacement in growing media (reduce Carbon emission), and sustainable

packaging solution (food pad, ice-gels).

Plusticks provides an amphiphilic (hydrophilic-hydrophobic), high molecular weight, ecological Polymer as an additives for range of industries such as plastics, packaging and various others.


Our polymers additives can be provided in various product forms including grinded powered in customized micron sizes up to large bead particles, and in water or solvent solutions.
customized requests can be obtained according to specific needs.

Pharmadress provides a range of Advanced wound dressing, skin and pharma solutions.


Pharmadress Super absorbent polymer (SAP) is Suitable for a variety of biocompatible,

certified absorbent applications.

Our solution assortments include advanced & chronic wound dressing, Skin moisture management (e.g.,

Atopic Dermatitis) excessive sweating & other exudates

management solutions, biodegradable medical hygiene

and other various pharma purposes.

Super Absorbent


PolyGreen offers an ecological alternative for super absorbent material targeting selected Multi Billion Dollars Industries.

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